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Investor / Developer / Landlord

  • Provewell is a pioneering property company: we are responsible for many of the converted warehouses in the Hackney / Haringey areas of London. We started acquiring buildings in northeast London in the 1990s and we now manage a large percentage of the warehouse spaces around the area – plus a growing number of spaces in wider London.
  • With many of our warehouse units rented by long-term tenants working in crafts or fine art, or simply interested in furniture repair and interiors, they are as individual as their occupants and we encourage tenants to make the spaces their own.
  • Our in-house architect oversees a building and maintenance team who understand how to convert our properties for warehouse living in such a way as to retain their original character, making features of exposed steel and concrete.

Our Passion

Spaces for All Species

At Provewell we take great pride in the thriving creative community which has developed over the years and transformed previously industrial buildings into a close-knit neighbourhood of warehouse living spaces affordable for artists and entrepreneurs based in London.

A Space to Suit You

Provewell’s property portfolio is constantly expanding

Warehouse Living

Live/work units: from 1-bed up to 30-bed; huge communal spaces and bedroom mezzanines to support a variety of creative lifestyles.

Work Spaces For Freelancers/Start-ups

Office space, hot desking, making space, workshop

Residential Properties

From bedsits and 1-beds up to 6/7-beds with shared kitchen spaces

Commercial Spaces

From 500sq ft to 10,000sq ft

Spaces For Creatives and Provewell have well-established relationships with the local authorities in which our warehouse living spaces are located.

We work closely with councils’ Environmental Health, Planning and Building Control departments to ensure building and safety rules are observed at all times and that our spaces comply fully with all regulations.

We collaborate with the best planning consultants and architects in multiple boroughs to maximise the potential of viable sites.

An Accredited Landlord

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