A Connected Community

Connection / Collaboration / Creation

Connection is what the warehouse community is all about. The diversity of the individuals who live there leads the community to be more than the sum of its parts. The spaces we provide are only the beginning.

Bring your own unique vision, spirit and collaboration to the space and transform it into a bespoke live work experience.

But what do we mean by creatives?

For us, creativity is a way of life: a conscious, inquisitive approach to the world and ourselves which opts for curiosity over judgement.

Perhaps you’re a teacher, lawyer or NHS professional with a passion for doing crafts at home in your free time. Perhaps you run an online business part-time and teach aerial acrobatics: both from your own base.

Choose a space according to your creative/professional needs and ambitions and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

Being Creative Is A Way Of Life

Are you a Creative?

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Who Lives In a Warehouse?


Duncan’s workshop is on the mezzanine level within the unit he lives in. He’s been living in the Warehouse District for 4 years. He works as a wax smith, woodworker and bespoke bicycle repairs / manufacture whilst also working off-site as a chef in a gastro-pub.

Duncan was initially attracted to the Warehouse District because of the large flexible space that allowed his business to expand around other residents. The gated areas allow him to use his expensive tools outside.

Duncan, The warehouse people


Roddy, at 72, is the oldest resident in the Warehouse District. He has lived here for 6 years!

He is a classical musician and composer, his work includes the score for the fi lm the Pianist. He retrained as a musical therapist and specialises in therapy for people with dementia. Roddy is also actively involved with multi-media performance and musical improvisation.


Caitlyn lived in the Warehouse District for just over 4 years. She now lives nearby but off-site with a group of friends that she met during her time living in the Warehouses. She was a student during her time living in the Warehouse District, studying fashion and knitwear. She moved to the district to be in a community with people of similar interests.

Caitlyn started her vegan baking business within her unit, her business took off and she needed a larger kitchen. She now uses the kitchen within New River Studios to run her baking business.

She told us that the sense of community was the best thing about living in the warehouses, this was a very special time in her life and she made very good friends. Now she lives with some friends nearby but she still maintains very strong connections with the warehouse district and the community there.

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